Photography and Set Design

Studio Rino is first in its field in Turkey, as a hub for creative professionals such as stylists, stage designers, and window designers. It is a multinational formation which coproduces and executes projects in Italy, UK, Poland, Tailand and USA as well as in Turkey.

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To meet the needs of the videographers, photographers and agencies, Studio Rino offers space & gear rentals, art direction, mood board preparation, architectural drawing, set design, 3D modeling as well as logistics for the required services.


With its daylight shooting spaces, office, makeup area and kitchen,  it is a perfect option for shooting crews, casting and craftspeople. 



Our photographers, while each one of them having his/her unique style, co-work with stylists and creative teams in order to reach the desired outcome with distinctive touches.


We operate at Architectural Photography, Hospitality Photography, Editorial, Interior Photography, Food Photography, Still-life, Jewelry Photography, Product Photography, Reproduction Photography, Drone Photography and Videography.


Specialized in their field, our stylists utilise diverse trends and styles such as, minimal, nordic, scandinavian, interior, rustic, pastel, moody, luxrry, ethnic, classic, modern, urban, vintage, bohemian, eclectic, shawi chic & etc.



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